(alpha order ... why not?)

BeeGreen Gardens

BeeGreen Gardens is a farm, nursery, and sometimes an activist site for ecological or animal-care issues.


GenXDM is a Java-and-XML project hosted here. Go there to see what it's all about.

Serial Mirage is a vanity site for me to publish fiction (and possibly other writings) on. It's mostly CC-licensed, which means that you can do a bit more with it than otherwise, but there are some strict limits (see the license details in the site).

The 'Simmon Patch

I have a farm! Sort of. Wanna see? Not much here, yet.

Talsever (the public organization) is the primary name of the public network (publicly accessible machines are canonically named (A records, not CNAMEs) in this domain). So I think of it as "the main site," though that's no longer, strictly speaking, true. It is more or less the default site.

Talsever (the private firm) resolves entirely differently from one tiny part of the network. However, it does need public entrée from the rest of the networld, a way for others to find that yes, Virginia, there is a non-cutting submissive in the dot-com space. In other words, it's mostly a placeholder, and exploring beyond the places that are held will prolly dump you into the public org site.


How'd you get here?

This is the mostly unlinked-to, not-easily-discoverable 'farm' description. Here 'farm' means "virtual-hosted server farm," rather than anything more agricultural. One of the ways that you can get here is by going to http://localhost/, but if that worked for you, and you're not me, I'm shocked, utterly shocked to find that there's gambling in Rick's.

If you found it 'cause you should've, or you're me, then ... this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship ....